Water is so common that we rarely give it a thought.

 We turn on the tap and it’s there.  But what if there were no water?

We cannot live without water.  Even the strongest human alive would die in just a few days if totally deprived of all water.  Each of us must replace about 2.5 quarts (2.4 liters) of water each day.  That’s why water is so important.

Practically every function of our bodies depends on water.  Our food is digested in a stomach full of a liquid that’s mostly water.  Our blood, which bathes every cell of our body with life-giving fluids, is 83% water.  For that matter, each cell in our body is mostly water.  The total percentage weight of water in your body, right now, is 70%.

One of the most important things that water does for us is to carry chemicals throughout our body.  How does this happen?  It happens because water, itself, is a very special chemical – H20 – into which other chemicals can dissolve.  Just like a spoonful of sugar dissolves in a cup of coffee, so valuable chemicals – vitamins, minerals, nutrients and oxygen – dissolve in our blood.

Not everything present in water is healthy for humans to take into their bodies, especially bacteria, germs and harmful chemicals.  Virtually all water has harmful chemicals and bacteria in it, especially water near highly populated areas.  That’s what makes water treatment necessary.  Making sure that clean, safe water is readily available is one of the most important requirements of society.

Living near water has been the first human necessity ever since humans first inhabited the earth.  In today’s complex society, the water is brought to us.

Inside these pages, you’ll find the story of how the Wilkinsburg-Penn Joint Water Authority makes sure that safe, pure water is available to you every time you turn on the tap.

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Wilkinsburg Penn Joint Water Authority is the authority governed by a twelve member Board representing East Suburban communities from the City of Pittsburgh to the Westmoreland County line and from the Monongahela River to the Allegheny River. We pump an average of 22 million gallons of water per day through 430 miles of pipe.

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